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More than 25 years experience

For small businesses with limited staffing resources, Cheques & Balances Pte Ltd offers the perfect solution: outsourced bookkeeping services that delivers cost-effective, accurate and timely reports for sound business management.

We have a team of experienced and trained personnel undertaking a wide range of bookkeeping projects - long term or short term; complex or simple; high volume or low volume transactions.

Leverage on our knowledge of best practices and international bookkeeping standards to ensure that your business is always on top of its financials and compliant with regulatory filings.

In short, our bookkeeping services allows you to:

Focus on What Really Matters:
Growing the Business & Meeting Your Targets

With Cheques & Balances Pte Ltd you can now enjoy -

* No More Hassle in Hiring, Training or Supervising Accounts Staff
* Receive Professional Services without increasing Overheads & HR Costs
* Greater Focus on Revenue-Generating Core Business
* Accurate & Up-to-date Bookkeeping Records
* Detailed & Timely Financial Reports for Sound Business Planning
* Annual Returns to IRAS Filed On-Time & Risk-Free

"Ask yourself this. Wouldn't you rather leave your books in more capable hands than try to do it yourself?"
   Dennis Chan, small business owner

Why Use Us?

♦ Professional & Qualified Bookkeeper
♦ Best Practices Compliance
♦ International Bookkeeping Standards
♦ Range of Accounting Software
♦ Flexible Onsite / Offsite Arrangements
♦ Long-Term or Short Term Retainers
Our Services

♦ Bookkeeping
♦ Payroll
♦ Debt Management
♦ Books Cleanup
♦ New Business Set Up
♦ Financial Analysis